Is Himeno In Love With Aki In Chainsaw Man?

is himeno in love with aki in chainsaw man

There are often times in gruesome or dark anime that love can blossom even in the worst situations. Especially for characters that have spent a long time together. This is true for Himeno in Chainsaw Man. What many anime enthusiasts believed to be a carefree woman, set on protecting her subordinates, turns out to be a woman hiding her true feelings. So! Follow this guide to find out if Himeno is in love with Aki in Chainsaw Man.

Chainsaw Man – Is Himeno in love with Aki

When first introduced to Himeno, she presents herself as a carefree superior to the Tokyo Special Division 4. She even went as far as to give kisses on the cheeks of those who kill the Eternity Devil in Chainsaw Man. Based on that, one could say Himeno doesn’t have any love interests or is in a romantic relationship with someone.

During episode 5, we learn more about Himeno and Aki’s relationship. Before Himeno met Aki in Chainsaw Man, we learn that Himeno had countless devil-hunter partners in Public Safety. Unfortunately, they have all passed.

After some time, Aki proved Himeno wrong; his ambition to live and kill the Gun Devil assisted him in surviving this long. Due to this, Himeno begins to develop feelings for Aki and possibly even love in Chainsaw Man. However, it is during episode 6 that Himeno starts to reveal her true feelings. While in battle with the Eternity Devil, Aki becomes gravely injured. Seeing how much blood he has lost, Himeno loses her cool and asks Aki what they should do frantically, although Denji saves the day.

After spending the night at Himeno’s, Himeno asks Denji if he likes Makima. After confirming he does, Himeno comes up with a plan to get Denji with Makima as long as he helps her with Aki. Although unfortunately, her love for Aki comes to a sudden halt during the Katana Man Arc in Chainsaw Man.

And with that, we conclude our guide on does Himeno love Aki in Chainsaw Man. If you love the Chainsaw series, you might be interested in Are Asa and Yoru The Same Person in Chainsaw Man?


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