Why Can’t Aki Touch The Angel Devil In Chainsaw Man?

why cant aki touch the angel devil in chainsaw man

There are various unique Devils you can find in Chainsaw Man, one of them is the Angel Devil. The Angel Devil is one of the rare Devils who do not have any hostility toward humans. Although his Devil side wishes humans should die a painful death. However, as many anime enthusiasts have noticed, the Angel Devil does not physically contact anyone. In this guide, we’ll explain why Aki can’t touch the Angel Devil in Chainsaw Man.

Chainsaw Man – Why can’t Aki touch the Angel Devil?

We are first introduced to the Angel Devil in episode 11 of Chainsaw Man. Despite his holy appearance with his Halo, and long white wings, we should not forget that he is, in fact, a Devil. Before the Angel Devil began working for the Public Safety Devil Hunters, he lived in the coastal village.

The Angel Devil has the ability Life-Span Absorption. Therefore, anyone the Angel Devil touches through physical connect will have their lifespan absorbed. This will result in a painless death if someone touches him long enough (perhaps this is the Angel part of his abilities). This is why Aki can’t touch the Angel Devil in Chainsaw Man; if he does, his lifespan will be shortened. With this ability, the Angel Devil can create Life-Span Weapons with siphoned life spans. He can create four types of weapons: Five Years, Ten Years, 100 Years, and 1,000 Year Life-Spans.

In episode 11, we see Aki ask Angel for a handkerchief. When Aki moves to take the item, Angel is shocked at how brazen Aki is for getting so close to Angel. Aki then theorizes that, as long as he is not touching Angel, he will be safe. However, we see in Chapter 50 that when Aki touches the Angel Devil, he loses two months of his life span.

And that’s it! That’s why Aki can’t touch the Angel Devil in Chainsaw Man. If you like the Chainsaw Man series, check out Does Power Have A Crush on Denji in Chainsaw Man?


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