Why did Oden sacrifice himself in One Piece?

why did oden sacrifice himself in one piece

Kozuki Oden is a character that’s not too hard to figure out. Like many major supporting characters in the One Piece series, Oden comes off as selfish but with a heart of gold. Though you may believe he acts out of his regard, he often acts out of care for others. However, due to his heart of gold, he can be very naive. So, follow this guide to learn why did Oden sacrifice himself in One Piece.

One Piece: Why did Oden sacrifice himself?

Kozuki Oden has always had a heart of gold, even though he may sometimes act out of selfishness. Due to this personality trait and wanting to do good for others, he will be in a dire situation. Kozuki Oden was the heir to become Shogun, the leader of Wano country. However, due to the country’s strict policies, Oden always found it too restrictive and wanted to go on an adventure.

However, during his time in Wano, he amassed retainers, and many citizens adored and admired him. However, soon after he left the country, things went downhill from there. Unbeknownst to Oden, Kurozumi Orochi had devised a devious plan to become Shogun.

Oden returns to Wano Country

After Oden has completed his journey accompanying the Roger Pirates, he soon returns to Wano to find it in a slight state of disarray. This was due to Kaido and Orochi taking control of the country. But why is this, and what does it have to do with Oden choosing to sacrifice himself?

Aside from wanting to be the Shogun of Wano, Orochi had plans to turn Wano into a weapon factory. While there isn’t much wrong with the concept, Orochi was kidnapping citizens and selling them to Kaido.

When Oden learns of these atrocities, he marches to the Flower Capital to execute Orochi. However, Orochi, the conniving snake he is, holds citizens hostage to blackmail him. Oden then makes a deal with Orochi. He will dance naked in the Flower Captial to apologize to the Kurozumi family. In exchange, Orochi will free the citizens meant as a tribute to Kaido.

The Legendary Hour

This weekly dancing naked in the Flower Captial continued for a few years, during which many citizens would call him a Silly Lord. But, of course, Oden never told anyone about the agreement between himself and Orochi. While Oden believed what he did was good and righteous (which it was), he naively thought Orochi would hold to his end of the deal. After this, Oden would continue to sacrifice his pride and dignity.

However, the real sacrifice Oden made was during the Legendary Hour. Oden was set to be executed along with his nine retainers; he was to be executed by boiling. He, however, made another deal with Orochi. If he and his retainers were to survive being boiled for one hour, he would get another chance.

Oden survived; however, the boiling became too much for him. Oden’s ultimate sacrifice was dying to protect his retainers, ensuring they could survive and protect Wano from Orochi’s tyrannical leadership.

And that’s it. With that, we conclude this guide on why Oden sacrificed himself in One Piece. If you enjoy our guides, we have plenty more! Check out, Is Nobara Dead or Alive in Jujutsu Kaisen?


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