Why Does Hantengu Cry In Demon Slayer?

why is hantengu always crying in demon slayer

In Kimetsu no Yaiba: Demon Slayer, we are introduced to several characters and personalities. Each character is more eccentric than the former. However, one character within the Twelve Kizuki is not quite like the others. He is cowardly, easily frightened, and death afraid of anything that moves. Follow this guide to learn why does Hantengu cry in Demon Slayer.

Demon Slayer – Why does Hantengu always cry?

Regarding the Upper-Ranks of the Kibutsuji Muzans demon army, one would expect them to be all-powerful and fear no one besides Muzan himself. But, unfortunately, as we soon learn, Muzan’s demon army is full of cowards just like himself.

When first introduced to Hantengu during the Swordsmith Village arc, he can be seen cowering in the infinity castle. This cowardice is not limited to his fellow demons; he is terrified of fighting and spends most of his time crying. But why is this?

Hantengu’s past

As a child, Hantengu was known to be a frequent lair and constantly blamed others for his wrongdoing. He would make himself to be the victim in any situation. This was done to gain sympathy from others. However, he would continue to commit various heinous crimes.

He would go on to marry and have children; however, due to his unstable mentality, he would soon kill them. Throughout his lifetime, he will kill, steal, lie, and take no responsibility for his instead; he will blame all of his actions on his hands.

Of course, no one believed him, and he was eventually caught by the magistrate and sentenced to death. However, he was saved by Muzan and turned into a Demon. Now equipped with power, he killed the magistrate. However, with his dying breath, the magistrate informed Hangtengu that his past would always catch up to him.

So, we can theorize that Hantengu cries so much because of all the sins he has accumulated in his lifetime. In addition to his delusion that he remains innocent, regardless of all the misdeeds he has committed. He stubbornly maintains that he is innocent and everyone is out to get him. He believes nothing he does is wrong, so he cries because everyone is hurting him for the wrong reason.

And that’s all we have for you! We conclude this guide on why Hantengu always cries in Kimetsu no Yaiba: Demon Slayer. If you liked this guide, check out Is Himeno In Love With Aki In Chainsaw Man?


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