Will Dabi get an Ice Quirk in My Hero Academia?

willl dabi get an ice quick in my hero academia

The League of Villians Dabi, now known as Todoroki Touya (to no one’s surprise), has always had a few screws loose. Of course, this is due to his harsh upbringing in the Todoroki family and his inability to surpass his father and All Might. Thus he strived to become more potent with his Blue Flame fire quirk. However, we all know genetics has a funny way of showing up. So, follow this guide to find out if Dabi will get an Ice Quirk in My Hero Academia.

My Hero Academia – Does Dabi have an ice quirk?

Touya was born to Todoroki Enji, a fire quirk user, and Todoroki Rei, an ice quirk user. Usually, whichever quirk is more dominant will become the child’s main quirk. You also have instances where two compatible quirks, such as the Bakugos, can create a new quirk, i.e., Katsuki’s Explosion Quirk. In the world of My Hero Academia, it’s not uncommon or rare for families to have arranged marriages to obtain the perfect quirk.

This is precisely what we see in the Todoroki family in My Hero Academia. Enji wanted to create a child with the perfect quirk that could use fire and ice. His first attempt was with Touya. Touya has an incredible fire quirk and thus was quickly able to reach temperatures high than his father. Only there was one disadvantage, Touya has Rei’s body constitution, meaning, although he has an amazing fire quirk, his body can’t handle it.

However, in Chapter 387, we soon learn that Touya awakens a new quirk, an Ice Quirk. This only happens when someone is on the verge of death or having a near-death situation. So, Touya will get an Ice Quirk in My Hero Academia. However, it is uncertain whether he will survive overheating.

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