Does Eren Hate Mikasa in Attack on Titan?

does eren hate mikasa attack on titan

Since the start of Attack on Titan, we have been introduced to the two main characters, Mikasa and Eren. At first, many anime enthusiasts believed the two were brother and sister. This is mainly because they lived together and often referred to each other as family. However, even then, anime fans could see Mikasa’s admiration for Eren in Attack on Titan. So, find out in this guide if Eren does hate Mikasa in Attack on Titan.

Eren and Mikasa’s Fateful Meeting

Let’s start from the beginning. How did Mikasa and Eren meet in Attack on Titan? First things first. Mikasa is part of the Ackerman Clan, that much we already knew due to her surname. However, there’s a bit more to her family history. Mikasa is also of Asian Heritage, specifically from the Azumabito Clan, from her mother’s side.

Her heritage makes her a target. Initially, Mikasa’s mother was supposed to be kidnapped because of her pure-blood Asian heritage, although she was killed. Grisha and Eren Jaeger were supposed to visit the Ackerman Clan the same night they were attacked by three human traffickers. Mikasa’s parents put up a fight however were killed.

As we mentioned, Eren and his father were supposed to visit the Ackermans. However, they soon find their bodies, and Grisha tells Eren to stay home while he alerts the authorities. Eren, being the hardheaded person he is, goes to the Ackerman residence and proceeds to murder the two assailants brutally. However, a third overpowered him, and thus began the awakening of the Ackerman Blood in Mikasa.

This allowed her to remain calm and control all her movements, effectively killing the third human trafficker. Once they were safe, Eren gave Mikasa his red scarf, leading to romantic feelings blossoming for Eren.

Does Eren hate Mikasa in Attack on Titan?

Throughout the series, we see Mikasa constantly follow Eren, especially when they are younger. However, it’s important to note that Eren would often get bullied or picked on. Thus leading to Mikasa rescuing him. While Eren did not hate Mikasa for this in Attack on Titan, he did feel inferior to her strength.

However, as Eren got older and joined the 104th Training Corps, we began to see some protectiveness over Mikasa. One particular moment is when Jean expresses his feelings for Mikasa and her shoulder-length hair. Eren, already expressing his dislike for Jean, told Mikasa to cut her hair in an offhand comment, and she cut her hair.

While there have been plenty of times we see Mikasa expressing her feelings, Eren is oblivious to them all. This is especially true in season 2 when Mikasa slightly confesses her feelings while surrounded by Titans. And Eren, protecting her with the Power of the Founding Titan (after being in contact with Dina Fritz).

does eren hate mikasa attack on titan

But does Eren hate Mikasa in Attack on Titan? The answer is: No. First, let’s understand that Eren was already caught up in his mission to kill everyone besides Eldians. He had no time for romance, and the Attack Titan’s powers were confusing his thoughts. His confession of love wasn’t to Mikasa but to Armin.

But Eren knew there was no other way to keep on living. He had to die and free every one of the Power of Titans. He also knew he didn’t have that much longer to live anyway. So ultimately, he literally chose to be a Suicidal Maniac.


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