Is Yamato a Boy or a Girl in One Piece?

is yamato a boy or girl in one piece

When first introduced to Yamato, we see a hulking man towering over Luffy in One Piece. However, we soon learn that this person is Kaido’s son, as he often refers to Yamato as his son. This can also be confusing when Yamato initially dresses like a man. Then, however, he revealed his true identity, Yamato’s gender is that of a female. So, follow this guide to learn if Yamato is a boy or a girl in One Piece.

One Piece – Is Yamato a Boy or a Girl?

So, which is it? Is Yamato a boy or a girl in One Piece? Well, biologically, Yamato is, in fact, a girl and previously was referred to as Onihime or Oni Princess by the Beast Pirates. However, after Yamato witnessed the execution of Kozuki Oden and found his Journal, Yamato soon admired the former Daimyo.

Yamato’s admiration for Oden was so great that Yamato decided to presume Oden’s identity. Often Yamato would refer to himself as Oden and his gender. When interacting with Momonosuke, Yamato would refer himself as “Father” to Momo. However, Yamato does not go out of her way to dress masculine or insist that she be called “he.” We’re pretty sure if Yamato did not see Oden execution, she would still be calling herself Yamato.

Now, you may be asking, what’s the deal with Kaido calling Yamato his son? During the Onigashima portion of the Wano Arc, Kaido announces that Yamato will become the Shogun in the New Onigashima project. So, it’s safe to say Kaido has always wanted a son, and Yamato, boy or girl, is meant to be Kaido’s heir.

So, after all this information, which is it? Yamato is biologically female; however, due to her admiration for Oden, she refers to herself as male. It’s clear that she is not transgender and makes no move to change. However, it is unclear what pronouns she will use after the defeat of Kaido.

And with that, we conclude this guide on whether Yamato is a boy or a girl in One Piece. If you enjoyed this guide, we have plenty more ready and waiting. So check out, What is Sanji’s true identity in One Piece?


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