Rebuild World gets a new Key Visual

rebuild world key visual and staff

A post-apocalyptic world has used the power of relics to rebuild its society slowly. However, the slow process still affects those living in the slums. Determined to get out of the situation they are in, they must become hunters to secure these relics. Follow this guide to learn about Rebuild World, get a new Key Visual, and the main cast.

Rebuild World announces new Key Visual and Staff

The action and sci-fi Light Novel Rebuild World will come to life with an anime adaptation. As a result, the official Twitter account for Rebuild World has posted a new Key Visual. Unfortunately, there is no release date or potential window for the anime at the current time of writing.

However, the three main protagonists’ cast members have been announced.

  • Yamashita Daiki as Akira
  • Kubo Yurika as Alpha
  • Inoue Honoka as Sheryl

What is Rebuild World about?

The pinnacle of human civilization has come and gone, and only ruins now lay in its wake. As a result, Science and Society are struggling to rebuild as they rediscover scraps of knowledge from powerful artifacts that defy comprehension. These relics from the Old World can make fortunes for those who find them. However, an ancient security system safeguards them.

A street orphan named Akira becomes a relic hunter to escape the slum life. Unfortunately, he is untrained, malnourished, and severely unarmed. When he does make it out of the ruins alive, he meets Alpha, a mysterious woman that changes his fate. This ghostly woman is searching for a hunter and thus is willing to train Akira.

With that, we conclude our guide on Rebuild World, getting a new Key visual and unveiling staff. If you enjoyed this piece, we have plenty more guides that may pique your interest! Check out Chainsaw Man, Dr. Stone, and Attack on Titan.


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