What Does Mash’s Wand Do In Mashle?

what does mash's wand do in mashle magic and muscles

In the fantastical world of Mashle: Magic and Muscles lives a young man called Mash Burnedead without, well, magic. To protect him from prosecution and execution, his adoptive father moves them to an isolated area within the woods and trains him. Of course, not in magic, but rather training his physical body in the case of self-defense. As you can expect, their peaceful lifestyle does not last very long, and off Mash is to school. So, follow this guide to find out what can Mash’s Wand do in Mashle: Magic and Muscles.

Mashle: Magic and Muscle – What does Mash’s wand do?

However, to fit into this school, Mash adorns a fake magic mark and walks around with a wand. At first, his wand is a standard wooden one many classmates use. But, as time passes, Mash will soon obtain his unique wand that can withstand his physical power and lack of magic. This wand is called the Iron Wand.

You could even say this wand is much more suited for Mash, although it is just, in fact, a heavy iron rod. However, there is something special about this wand. At the magic shop where Mash buys this wand, the owner confesses that no one has been able to lift it, not with strength or magic.

However, Mash can lift it easily and manipulate the wand’s properties to take whatever shape he needs. For example, with his physical strength, Mash can turn the Iron Wand into a Tennis Racket, Baseball Glove, Baseball Bat, and Bucket. So, while Mash cannot use traditional magic, he can overcome his weakness through pure strength.

And with that, we conclude our guide on what Mash’s wand can do in the anime Mashle: Magic and Muscles. If you like this guide, we have plenty more where that came from. What Are The Paths In Attack On Titan? or How did Nakime become a Demon in Demon Slayer?


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