What Is The Elixir of Life in Hell’s Paradise

what is the elixir of life hell's paradise

The Elixir of Life is what started the entire premise of what is Hell’s Paradise. While we know our favorite characters are searching for clues and looking for their location, that still does not answer the question of what it is. However, you may be confused with a few terms thrown your way in the anime and manga, so we’ll help clear that out for you. Follow this guide to learn the Elixir of Life in Hell’s Paradise.

Hell’s Paradise – What is the Elixir of Life

The Elixir of Life is the completed Tan elixir that can grant immortality to whoever consumes it. But what is Tan? Tan is a prototype of the Elixir that Lord Tensen has created. He could do this by harvesting the Tao of the humans that came to Shinsenkyo. These humans are placed in a pit which is located in Kotaku.

You can find Tao in every living and non-living thing, and it can be manifested to increase one’s abilities. Even if you cannot use Tao, it will still exist within you. Hence the reason why Lord Tensen invited many humans to Shinsenkyo.

However, Tan can only be consumed by Tensens, Rien, Gui Fa, Ju Fa, Mei, Mu Dan, Ran, Tao Fa, and Zhu Jin. If anyone other than them consumes the Elixir, they will undergo Arborification. Arborificaton is a metamorphosis in which those who consume Tan will sprout flowers from their body and thus enter a blissful trance.

While the Elixir can help you achieve immortality, it will only work if you continue to consume the Tan. This is the reason why Lord Tensen lured humans to the island. With the help of Chobei, Rien was able to perfect the Elixir. However, if you cut the area below Lord Tensen’s navel, you could defeat them. So, in the end, you are only immortal if no one knows your weakness.

And that’s it. We conclude our guide on the Elixir of Life in Jigokuraku: Hell’s Paradise. If you like this guide, we have plenty more that might pique your interest. Check out, What Does Mash’s Wand Do In Mashle? Or Is Roronoa Zoro from Wano in One Piece?


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