Why does Gojo wear a Blindfold in Jujutsu Kaisen?

why does gojo wear a blindfold in jujutsu kaisen

Since the start of the popular anime and manga Jujutsu Kaisen, Gojo Satoru has always been a charismatic character. Just when you think you know a little more about him, more layers unfold to his character. But there has always been one thing anime enthusiasts want to know, why cover up those sparkling blue eyes?! Well, in this guide, we’ll cover why Gojo wear a blindfold in Jujutsu Kaisen.

Jujutsu Kaisen – Why does Gojo wear a blindfold?

Eccentric characters are not uncommon in the vast and spectacular world of anime and manga. When it comes to a shounen anime with plenty of dark themes, one can expect that more will meet the eye when someone is hiding something. Although it’s a great character design to make Gojo Satoru wear a blindfold, there’s actually a reason for that. Unfortunately, this piece of cloth is not to deter us from those beautiful sky-blue eyes but rather his Six Eyes and Limitless ability.

So, what are these abilities that force Gojo to cover his eyes? Well, it’s not that Gojo is necessarily, forced to wear them, as we do see him go without them and wear shades when deemed appropriate. However, the Six Eyes ability can only be used within the Gojo Family. It is an extremely rare ocular jujutsu that will grant the user the ability to utilize Limitless to its true potential.

The Six Eyes will not only grant the user with vast perception and immense brain processing, but it will also allow them to manipulate Limitless. But, of course, this does come with a downside. The Six Eyes ability is constantly active and will tire Gojo out immensely, hence the blindfold. So, whenever he wants to unleash his true potential, the blindfold and shades come off!

And with that, we conclude this guide on why does Gojo Satoru wear a blindfold in Jujutsu Kaisen. Did you enjoy this guide? If yes, we have plenty more where that came from! Check out Do Titans Still Exist In Attack on Titan? Or Who Is Reze In Chainsaw Man?


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