Why does Himeno Not Want Aki To Use His Sword in Chainsaw Man?

why does himeno not want aki to use his sword in chainsaw man

There is plenty to learn in the dark and gruesome world of Chainsaw Man. One of them is the existence of Devils. Though they embody fear, there are plenty of instances where you can see civilians and Devil Hunters forming contracts with them. However, these are literal Devils; you may pay a hefty price for using their abilities. To find out what this means, follow this guide to learn why Himeno does not want Aki to use his Sword in Chainsaw Man.

Chainsaw Man – Why does Himeno not want Aki to use his Sword?

During the Eternity Devil arc and Katana Man Arc, we see Himeno pleading with Aki not to use his Sword in Chainsaw Man. But why is this? As we mentioned earlier, humans can form contracts with Devils. As you’ve guessed, Aki’s Sword is connected to a Devil’s ability.

Aki has formed a contract with a few Devils; these include the Fox Devil, Future Devil, Control Devil, and Curse Devil. When a contractor uses a Devils ability, they have to exchange something worth equal value. In the case of the Curse Devil, Aki’s life span will be shortened. This is why Himeno does not want Aki to use the Sword because his life is shortened in Chainsaw Man.

Aki’s “sword” is a long nail to use the Curse Devils’ ability. To inflict the Curse, you must stab your target three times; this can be anywhere on their body. In addition, the contractor is not limited to using this ability. After your three hits, the Curse Devil will manifest, hold you in a crucifix position, and fatally wound you.

While this power is convenient, you are also at significant risk. After Aki has used the Curse Devil’s ability, we soon find out that he only has two years left to live. This is also why Himeno prevented Aki from using this ability, because of her feelings for Aki.


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