What Is Behind The Closed Door In Chainsaw Man?

what is behind the closed door in chainsaw man

Denji has always lived a life full of pain and hardship, and we can see this throughout the anime and manga. He works tirelessly to pay off his father’s debt and put food on the table for him and Pochita. All the while inheriting a heart condition from his mother. However, there’s one thing anime enthusiasts don’t know, and that is the closed door mentioned in episode 12. So, follow this guide to learn what is behind the closed door in Chainsaw Man.

Chainsaw Man – What’s behind The Closed Door?

Since the beginning of the anime and manga, we meet Denji and Pochita, who lives in severe poverty. In the first episode, Dog & Chainsaw, we learn that Denji has been working for the Yakuza, taking on Devil hunting and other odd jobs to pay off his father’s debt.

We soon learn that Denji’s father had committed suicide to escape the Yakuza, and therefore, Denji inherited his father’s debt. However, during the Control Devil arc, we soon learn this is not the case. Throughout the anime and on occasion, we see Denji dreaming of a Door. However, he never seems to remember what this dream is.

In the final episode of Chainsaw Man, we see Denji in front of a closed door. To prevent him from entering, Pochita warns Denji to “never open the door.” What needs to be noted is whenever Denji arrives at the closed door, he always appears as his younger self. This indicates something more psychological has happened with Denji. That there may be memories he has sealed away, and Pochita is preventing Denji from learning them.

During Chapter 82: Always Eat A Hearty Breakfast, we learn the truth about Denji’s father from Makima. We learn that Denji’s father was an abusive alcoholic and was likely going to kill Denji on the day of his death. Instead, to protect himself, Denji killed his father. Denji sealed these memories behind a closed door in Chainsaw Man to cope with the fact that he killed his father.

Pochita, now fused with Denji’s heart, knows what is behind the door. Thus, to protect Denji always tries to prevent him from learning the truth about his fathers death. Although, before this, it was not known that Denji’s father’s death was waiting behind the door.

And that’s it! We conclude this guide on what is behind the closed door in Chainsaw Man. If you’re a fan of the series, you can also check out Are Asa and Yoru The Same Person in Chainsaw Man?


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