Why Did Yoru Kiss Denji In Chainsaw Man?

why did yoru kiss denji in chainsaw man

There are plenty of reasons why everyone is out to get Denji in Chainsaw Man (the dude just wants to live a normal life). However, due to unfortunate circumstances, Denji will always be a target because of his Chainsaw heart. But he won’t let that stop him from going on a few dates with cute girls! So, though there are plenty of reasons why someone will kiss him, what is Yoru’s reasoning? Follow this guide to learn why did Yoru kiss Denji in Chainsaw Man.

Chainsaw Man – Why did Yoru Kiss Denji?

As the main protagonist of a Shounen anime, it goes without saying that Denji will have a few girls after him. Unfortunately for him, it’s not for his charming personality but rather his Chainsaw Heart. After the dust has settled with the death of Makima, Denji is now leading a normal life as a high school student.

If you weren’t aware, Denji is now the caretaker of Nayuta, the Control Devil’s reincarnation. However, even though he is the older one in this situation, she gives him a few rules. One of these rules is that he is not allowed to kiss anyone. But, although begrudgingly, he does follow them because he cares for her.

However, this doesn’t stop him from going on dates. One of the newest love interests is a girl named Mitaka Asa, who has become the host of the War Devil (one of the Four Horsemen), thus making her the War Fiend. Due to their contract, the War Devil can control Asa’s body for periods of time and therefore calls themself Yoru.

Dating Denji Arc

But why does Yoru kiss Denji in Chainsaw Man? Yoru, War Devil, had grown to approve of Asa as its host. This is because Asa has shown remarkable tact in crafting weapons when fighting. As you may already know, Denji is the Chainsaw Man, and thus the Four Horsemen have a bone to pick with him, or rather with Pochita. So, Yoru has been using Asa to generate various Weapons for it to use.

Unbeknownst to them that Denji is, in fact, the Chainsaw Fiend. So, Yoru has tasked Asa with getting close to Denji, which means multiple dates. Of course, the plan was to turn Denji into a weapon, and that’s why Yoru kisses Denji.

Unfortunately for them, Nayuta, the newly turned Control Devil, stops their plan when she walks in on Yoru and Denji after the kiss in Chainsaw Man.

And with that, we conclude our guide on why did Yoru kiss Denji in Chainsaw Man. If you like Chainsaw Man, you may also like these guides. Who Is Reze In Chainsaw Man? or Why Can’t Aki Touch The Angel Devil In Chainsaw Man?


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