Mashle: Magic And Muscles First Episode Review. Should You Watch It?

mashle first episode review, should you watch it

Mashle: Magic and Muscles is the latest “magic society” and “magic determines your social status” anime, much like Black Clover. However, we aren’t here to compare the two anime. If you’re on the fence about starting this new anime, our review of the first Mashle episode can assist you if the trailer hasn’t already caught your eye.

Mashle: Magic and Muscle? First episode review

At the start of the anime, we’re met with a very chic and elegant; 75-year-old Regro Burnedead, father of Mash. From this, we can tell this chic older man has jokes, letting us know Mashle will be an anime full of comedy. This makes sense because our protagonist Mash is stoic, aloof, and barely one for emotions and expressions. Although he only gets excited when he thinks about cream puffs.

We also get plenty of world-building from the start of the anime. We can also see how magic gets wasted on mundane things like pouring a glass of water. Throughout the series, to indicate you can use magic, you will have a black line on your face. Mash, who has none, gets spotted when he goes out to buy cream puffs. The citizens immediately alert the authorities, and Brad Coleman is on the case.

This is explained by Brad Coleman, a policeman who tracked down Mash and his father. It is soon revealed that magicless people were killed to prevent their “inferior blood” from mixing with those with magic. This then brings the question of Mash’s birth into question. As we find out, due to Regro’s weak magic ability, he found Mash abandoned when he was about to kill himself.

After Mash deflects Brad’s attacks, he sits down dejected. But soon offers Mash an ultimatum: become a Divine Visionary, the strongest magic student, or be captured by the state. Mash, who only wants to live in peace with his father, takes this offer and enrolls in the Magic School. We’re curious to see how he will navigate this, considering the obvious.

Should you watch Mashle?

The short answer is Yes. There are plenty of comedic moments, including slapstick and straight-man comedy. Mainly to make up for Mash being so stoic, but this also adds to his character of being a “good boy” by his dad. A-1 Pictures has also done a stunning job with the visuals and magic animation throughout the anime. To give you an idea, A-1 Pictures has released Sword Art Online, Seven Deadly Sins, and Fairy Tail.

If you don’t really care about which studio produces the anime, then the story will capture you. While the first episode has been released, and we do have some world-building, there is still much to explore; Mash’s background and power systems (no spoilers here!). Overall, we will patiently wait for the next episode to be broadcasted.

And that’s it! We conclude our review first episode on whether you should watch Mashle: Magic and Muscles. Do you like magic and adventure anime? Then, check out Black Clover: Sword of the Wizard King Movie Released Date and How to Watch or The Eminence In Shadow Announces Second Season.


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