Who Is The Evil Version Of Ichigo in Bleach?

who is the evil version of ichigo in bleach

Since the start of Bleach, Ichigo has always been followed by his inner Hollow, normally called “White Ichigo” or “Hollow Ichigo.” This version of Ichigo could be seen as deranged and even insane each time Ichigo has to visit his inner world, constantly attacking Ichigo and trying to become “King.” If you want to find out who the evil version of Ichigo in Bleach is, follow this guide.

Bleach: Who is the evil version of Ichigo?

Since the start of the anime, Bleach enthusiasts have always wondered about the true identity of Ichigo’s “evil version.” And many fans have just concluded that White is the product of Urahara helping him learn to use his Shinigami powers.

However, with the Thousand Year Blood War, much more information has come to light about the origins of White Ichigo. We soon learn that Ichigo inherited his mother’s Quincy and Hollow powers, along with his father’s Shinigami powers. This led to a fusion between Ichigos Shinigami and Hollow, as we often see White Ichigo call himself Zangetsu; the name of his Zanpakuto.

At first, many fans did not know why White Ichigo called himself Zangetsu. They always thought the older man living in Ichigo’s Inner World was Zangetsu. However, we soon learn that, while he is Zangetsu (now during the TYBW), he is also a manifestation of his Quincy powers.

If you didn’t catch all that, we’ll break it down in simpler terms. White Ichigo is the spiritual manifestation of Ichigo’s Zanpakuto. He is the power-hungry and battle-driven portion of Ichigo’s soul (probably due to the Hollow he inherited).

And with that, we conclude our guide on who is the evil version of Ichigo in Bleach. Are you looking for short anime to watch over a weekend? We can help you out! Check out Best Anime To Watch Over The Weekend. You can also check out our guide on the spring season anime All Spring 2023 Anime Line-Up.


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