Why You Should Watch Jigokuraku

reasons to watch jigokuraku

Blood, gore, and scantly clad women, Jigokuraku has it all. Overshadowed by big hits such as Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba and Dr. Stone: New World, the attention for Jigokuraku is depressingly low. Produced by Mappa, which has animated shows such as Attack on Titan and Jujutsu Kaisen, anime fans are sleeping on this show! So, we’re here to give you a brief introduction to the show and give you reasons why you should watch Jigokuraku.

Reasons why you should watch Jigokuraku

Jigokuraku, or Hell’s Paradise, is an anime adaptation we desperately need. Not only do most shows (in recent years) have a lack of blood and gore, Jigokuraku gives us that extra mile we need. Simply put, there is a vast lack of hype for the upcoming anime, which will premiere on April 1st, 2023.

The story

In Jigokuraku, we follow the story of Gabimaru, an elite shinobi assassin infamously known as Gabimaru the Hollow. He had been part of the Iwagakure Village and married Yui, the eighth daughter of the Iwagakure Chief. From these short sentences, you can already tell that Gabimaru is a cold-hearted killer, enough to be married to the Chief’s daughter. Now, due to Gabimaru’s assassin nature, you can expect he wouldn’t know how to receive love.

As such, Yui cracks his cold heart over time, and Gabimaru seeks to leave the assassin’s life behind and live a peaceful life with her. Of course, this is unacceptable. However, the Iwagakure Village has now lost an important figure due to Gabimaru’s retirement. Due to this, Gabimaru has now been handed over to the authorities and is set to be executed.

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However, distraught, Gabimaru “accepts” his fate (or does he?). Although he shows no resistance to living and sometimes offers his head to be cut, no weapon can harm him. He soon meets Sagiri, his executor from the Yamada clan. Ready to off with his head, Gabimaru senses danger and resists. Determined to be a free man, he must now complete the task of obtaining the legendary Elixir of Life for the Shogun.

Battle Royale and Mystery

Ready to take on his task, he and a group of prisoners and their executors make their way to a mysterious island called Kotaku. By now, most prisoners think the trip is a get-out-of-jail-free card; they could never be so wrong! The entire island has strange creatures ready to eat and kill them. Overall, Jigokuraku is filled with mysteries that only lead to more secrets.

Honestly, right from the get-go, the characters will be fighting for their lives. Due to their mission, the group of prisoners and executors do everything they can to understand the mystery regarding the island. Of course, you can expect power, death, and scantly clad women during the anime! If the story, mystery, and battle royale don’t interest you, ensure you’re watching it for the plot (no spoilers).

And with that, we conclude our guide on the five reasons you should watch Jigokuraku. Are you constantly bored over the weekends? Our guide, Best Anime To Watch Over The Weekend, may be precisely what you need!


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