Best Ten Anime Openings Of All Time

best anime openings

As any anime fan may know (those who don’t skip the openings), anime openings and endings are an integral part of the anime itself. These openings, or OPs for short, can either hold essential pieces of information or be a whole lot of nothing. However, most of the time, these OPs carry and hide clues for fans that prefer anime over manga. So, without further ado, find out here the best ten anime openings of all time.

Ten best Anime openings

ten best anime openings
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As such, over time, OPs have become a way to recognize anime. Not to mention these songs are amazing in themselves, so it wouldn’t be strange if someone had one of these on their phone! But what are the best anime OPs of all time? We have compiled a list of the ten best OPs; of course, if we could, we would include most-if-not all OPs. But, alas, we need to settle on ten; our list is in no particular order.

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Shingeki no Kyojin

  • The Rumbling – SiM


  • Ranbu no Melody – SID

Soul Eater

  • Resonance – T.M. Revolution

One Punch Man

  • The Hero – JAM Project

Hunter x Hunter (2011)

  • Departure! – Ono Masatoshi

Youjo Senki

  • Jingo Jungle – Myth & Roid

Vinland Saga

  • Mukanjyo – Survive Said The Prophet

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure (2012)

  • Bloody Stream – Coda

Eureka Seven

  • Days – Flow

One Piece

  • Kaze wo Sagashite – Straw Hat Crew and Mari Yaguchi

With that, we have concluded our guide on the Best Ten Anime openings of all time. You may also be interested in Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba – To the Swordsmith Village Movie Review.


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