When will Scott Pilgrim. The Anime Release

Do you love the Scott Pilgrim comics, movie, and games? Do you ever just wish there would be an anime adaptation of the comic? Your wish has been granted. The Sex Bob-omb crew are ready to hard rock once more, but are you ready? With original music and a surprising cast, this is your chance to relive the Scott Pilgrim experience. So, to find out more, follow this guide on when Scott Pilgrim. The Anime will release.

Scott Pilgrim anime release date

Fans of the famous Scott Pilgrim comic and film can rejoice as the show receives an Anime Adaptation! This is absolutely exciting news for all fans; while the film was brilliant, it is safe to say fans would like an anime adaption to enjoy Scott Pilgrim in its full glory! If you’re expecting an original cast, that’s exactly what you’ll be getting!

With Michael Cera as Scott Pilgrim and Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Ramona Flowers, you relive the film once more but with anime. According to the official Netflix Geeked account, the anime will launch soon. However, after a quick look at the Netflix anime schedule, we can speculate it may release later this year.

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To watch the Sex Bob-omb in action once again, the anime will debut exclusively on Netflix. The lead composer Anamanaguchi, who created songs for Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game, will also be making original music for the upcoming anime.

That concludes our guide on Scott Pilgrim. The Anime. If you enjoyed our guide, you can also check out Black Clover: Sword of the Wizard King Movie Released Date and How to Watch.


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